Hi I'm Myk Bilokonsky and welcome to my home on the internet. This is a work in progress. (My home in meatspace is in New York City, where I make my living as a software engineer. It is, I suppose, also a work in progress!)

Socially, you can find me on the bird site, or on my mastodon instance. I do have a facebook account but I generally only friend folks I know in person. If we've met feel free to find me there.

Professionally, I take pride in the lessons I've published on Egghead.io, and a few of the projects littering up my github profile. If you'd like to work with me, I've got a resume here that outlines my skills and values.

This place is a place of intention and slowness. Be at ease.


  • Identity is weird, right? "I seem to be a verb" and all that, but also, like, my behavior on a given day is as much a function of the state of my gut biome as it is anything else. My gut bacteria make decisions for me; my culture makes decisions for me; why do we privilege a specific point along what seems to be a spectrum?
  • "Reality Tunnels" are a crazy powerful ontological tool. I will eventually insist that you read Robert Anton Wilson's essay about them, Creative Agnosticism, so you might as well just get it over with now. It means so much to me it's the only external work I'm linking here. (I'm working on my own essays about them, too, but RAW is canon here.)
  • I'm on the autism spectrum and I do a lot of outreach these days to try to find and identify undiagnosed autistic people. I've created AutismTranslated to create a space where autistic adults can talk about their experience from a subjective perspective, and my twitter account is particularly active in this space!